Dark Ascendant

Do you want to sacrifice yourself to the night?
The master asked the new aspirant
I’ll to whatever it takes to kill the light
And all his doubts disperse in wind

I will teach in blood and spell
You will learn how darkness is embraced
And every thaught between heaven and hell
And how any hope can be burned and blazed

You have to follow every passion
Hate addiction Rage burns inside
Dont let them bury you under depression
We will rise u to the darkest knight

It will take a whole decade
To learn whatever i have to offer
But if u handle thia to take
You wont have any reason to suffer

He evolves and follows every step his master
Teaches the Martyrium to know youself
To grow and thrive much faster
And not care for much wealth and health

One day they faced their greatest challenge
An apokalypse scared the world we know
The creatures bares for justice and revenge
To leave a planet dystopic and cold

They tried whatever they had learned together
But every secret could not compete
This force in his demonic fever
And facing what they fear, defeat

My time has come let me tell the secret
There is a spell more powerfull then all
A bloodcurse for the one who speaks it
And a sacrifice of death to call

You will have to follow your destiny
Today is the end of a long path
Darkness needs a master to be free
A person who can hold the aftermath

The power flows through the cursed cave
With the last words of the last dark knight
It blows away the creature in his rage
And a new was born to watch over the night