Time and Wonders

a firestorm just cleared the land
no living would there breath again
no resources on which them depend
this land will never recover from that pain

this dessert barely shows any tree
grey dust and ashes in the wind
voices from things which not longer be
The birds in the night are silent and blind

rain falls and time tries to heal the place
but all the hope decayed to dust
a seedling fall on all this waste
between dryed ground and rust

how unproperly it is to life
how low his chances to survive
but nature protects every gift
to let them grow to wealth and thrive

time will recover the fallen land
slowly rebuild the hope of living
in one century we make a stand
and look at the result of natures bidding

our minds are nothing else then this
they can fall in the darkest abyss
they may be corrupted and hurted for long
but there a force for all powers to strong

never dies this last spark
we hide it deep in our heart
and the night one second fells apart
a fire will rage to burst the dark