I will try in words what comes to my mind
but forgive me if this soul doesn’t met the words
they dont act like we expect from this own kind
or maybe humans are just the worst

wake up sun flows over my face
till I realize your eyes and the clouds at the sky
I wont win this eternal race
but I hope I left some tracks in your mind

after all what was and happend after sun
I dont want to forget any second
till the end of this and the next world I run
to just life for that what happend

my desire of a worthful life
my dreams of value in this time
all include you as my wife
but all just happend in my mind

I want to thank for all these stuff
I dont deserve whatever you can give
after all my head just crush
transform all of me to another rift

at the end no things matter
follow you tile eternance fells to dark
sacrifice all of my self whether
my eyes can see your lightning spark